The poisonous gas cloud has covered the town in Kansas

At least 102 persons asked for medical care after a leakage of chemicals at distillery in the city of Atchinson in the State of Kansas, reports the portal of CBS. One person is in intensive care unit.

The authorities report that at the plant two chemicals mixed up. As a result the city was covered by a huge toxic cloud. Fortunately, people hadn’t to leave for a long time the houses — the poisonous gas loop soon dissipated.

Gas, the poisoned Atchinson, turned out as a result of compound of hypochlorite of sodium and sulfuric acid. Separately chemicals don’t pose a threat, but their hybrid is very toxic. Emergency situation happened because of one of employees.
The MGP Ingridients plant makes the distilled premium class alcohol.

300 people work at the entity which is in 80 km from Kansas City.

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