The Polish city was enveloped in a poisonous smog

A special alarm mode declared in Poland due to the smog that Sunday enveloped the largest city in the country. Murky veil fell on Warsaw, Krakow, kelty and other localities.

The level of air pollution exceeded several times and is 262 micrograms per cubic centimeter (in the limit — 50 micrograms), which forced the Polish authorities to declare the alarm. The city of Rybnik the record was broken — at rush hour the level of pollution was exceeded by a thousand micrograms. The situation is aggravated by the bitter cold and windless weather: the air literally froze. Warsaw residents complain of headaches and shortness of breath. As predicted by meteorologists, weather conditions will not change until the environment, so the poles are asked to be patient and to comply with security measures.

The authorities have asked residents, if possible, not to leave the house, not to heat the furnace and to move from private cars to public transport. For incentive travel in urban buses and trams these days for all the passengers made free. Also canceled classes in schools.

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