The road between 20 meters of snow

Do you think that snowmen in the cities have hard work? In the Japanese prefecture of Toyama road team dripped mountain road in snow cover height of over 20 meters.

Of course, “Snow Canyon” that you see in the pictures, is not supported on a daily basis. As Justin Nobel explains, the road is laid in early March. Please send a bulldozer, which lays on the thickness of the first track, guided by GPS and satellites to map out the road, which is hidden on the 20 meters of snow. And then the rest of the business accepted bulldozers, trenchers and snowblowers.

Of course, “Snow Canyon” dig out only once in the spring, but the towns and villages around the clean road all year round, and in fact in this district is the town of Tokamachi, the most snow-covered town in Japan where during the winter falls about 10 meters of snow. Nevertheless, the roads there are always clean.

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