The surfer has swept on a huge wave

Perhaps, on these shots the German surfer Sebastian Stedtner slides on the highest wave from those that obeyed his colleagues.

In October Sebastian Stedtner’s friends have posted in Instagram a photo on which the surfer runs away from a crest of a huge wave in Nazar in Portugal. This town stands on the bank of Atlantic, well-known for the fact that there the highest waves which involve every year masters of surfing are born.

In several months Pedro Miranda has shared the video made of crowd of the audience ashore. Shtedtner’s team assumes that that day the surfer could ride out the highest wave in the history of this sport. However, to count its height, being based only on a video, quite difficult. “Perhaps and to the best that Shtedtner has decided to leave the highest point of a wave before she has fallen to him upon the head”, one of the athlete’s friends comments.

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