Two people were killed by sharks in three days

A French tourist and a Hawaiian resident have died in a shark attack over the past three days. The authorities of the American state and the overseas community of the Fifth Republic of the island of Saint-Martin imposed a ban on swimming during the investigation of the circumstances of the incident.

The first victim of the attack fell a 56-year-old resident of Hawaiian Lahaina, as he was heading home last Tuesday. In the bay, he was attacked by a predator, a bite mark about 40 centimeters wide remained on the surfboard – the plastic was simply torn out, notes CNN.

The victim was hospitalized, but it was not possible to save him – a day later the man died. After that, the Women’s Surf Championship in Hawaii was canceled.

The second death was recorded on the French side of the island of Saint Martin, in the Caribbean. On Thursday afternoon, the 38-year-old tourist went for a swim, but as soon as she sailed only 20 meters, her friend heard a scream. The sea turned red, and when the woman was taken out of the water, she did not have one leg – the shark bit it off above the knee. In addition, lacerated wounds remained on the body, clearly indicating an attack by a predator.

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