Two year old girl made friends with a flock of hyenas

A two-year-old girl from Zimbabwe made friends with a flock of hyenas living in the nature reserve where her father works. The video of the child’s communication with predators was noticed by the Daily Mail.

Passion for predatory animals was transmitted by two-year-old Kiki Wolhuter (Kiki Wolhuter) from his father. Kim, the father of the girl, creates films about the wild. For many years, he and his family have been living in the Sango Nature Reserve in eastern Zimbabwe and studying the life of hyenas.

Kiki asked Kim many times to show her predators close, but he refused for a long time, because he was afraid that they would attack the child. However, after much persuasion, the man decided that he would allow his daughter to get to know the hyenas more closely.

At first, the predators cautiously approached Kiki, sniffed her, but soon realized that she was not dangerous, and began to play with her. The girl immediately liked the hyenas, as they looked like her favorite plush toy. Kiki’s father said that the girl perceives predators as pets: she loves to run and play with them. “Hyenas are like puppies to her. They became very attached to Kiki and really fell in love with her, ”Kim admitted.

The scientist is upset that in films and cartoons hyenas are always shown angry and aggressive, he hopes that he will be able to change people’s perception of these predators. “Hyenas are very smart animals. In addition, they are brilliant hunters and caring parents for their pets, ”he said.

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