UFO hit the frame during a report on the earthquake in Mexico

The devastating earthquake that happened recently in Mexico attracted the attention of aliens – ufologists believe that they discovered a UFO on a record of a report about a natural disaster. The same video is attached below on the page.

When Mexican television broadcast a report from the city of Puebla, destroyed by the intense tremors, thousands of viewers flashed something that represented an unidentified flying object.

UFO just descended from the sky and was in the picture, hanging in one place. UFOlogists, present in the audience, gasped.

“And who else can fly like this?” Obviously, they were interested in the devastation caused by the earthquake, and now they are definitely planning to develop seismic weapons to use against Earthmen in the impending war. “We all die,” say UFOlogists inclined to panic.

Their colleagues, arguing more calmly, in turn, claim that the aliens could be attuned and not aggressive – maybe they wanted to help. And maybe even somehow helped.

People who are far from thinking about aliens say that this is just a drone, with the help of which they shot some other reportage.

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