UFO in the anomalous zone of Urkan

In early 1970, the border conflict in the Far East between the Soviet Union and China sharply deteriorated. Additional tension in the situation on the border was made by UFOs, whose frequent flights in the spring of the same year were recorded by the air defense of both sides.

In addition, an increased frequency of the appearance of UFOs was also noted over Mongolia, including in the border zone. Mongolian border guards even fired these objects from anti-aircraft guns. They were the first to publish a report on the appearance of UFOs.

According to their data, all the routes of flights converged somewhere above the Soviet territory in the area located at a distance of 1660 km to the north-east from Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar.

The Soviet radar operators established a more precise place for crossing the trails. Based on their own observations and reports of local residents on the map, flight trajectories were plotted. They all converged at the Urkan site, located in a remote taiga on the Urkan River – the right tributary of the Zeya River. The Soviet Air Force tried to find an alleged “base” of UFOs from the air, but without success.

Nevertheless, eight years later, a disc-like object shaped like a mushroom head with a diameter of about 6 m, a height of 3 m and a weight of 720 kg was found in this region. The find was taken to Tynda, and from there to Novosibirsk, where they were hidden in the Akademgorodok area, to the east of the Obskoye Sea station.

The fact that this region is not accidentally attributed to the anomalous, confirms the message from the Far East, appeared in print in 1982. In August of that year, residents of the village of Magdagachi, which is located about 150 km northeast of Urkan, A. Kruzhalkin and K. Litovchenko rode in the late evening on a forest road on motorcycles.

Suddenly a bright light flashed a little away from the road in the forest, and an object resembling a car headlamp took off over the taiga. A little later it turned into a “beam-tail”, which, in turn, began to swell and turned into a huge shining ball. He flew to the village of Magdagachi, continuing to grow in size. Motorcyclists jerked after the ball …

Residents of the village ran out into the street. In the sky hung a giant spherical UFO. Dogs in the yards eerily howled and barked. The ball hung over the village until four o’clock in the morning, then it soared into the sky and dissolved into it.

It should be emphasized that at that time the region was in good dry weather, no thunderstorms, no lightning. So it is impossible to “write off” what happened on nature.

Essential features of UFO behavior in the described episode are: 1) the sudden appearance of an object – as if “out of nowhere”; 2) transformation of appearance; 3) the duration of the “demonstration”.

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