Video with the most strange sea creatures

Not so long ago, the three-week expedition of Okeanos Explorer, a former vessel of the American Navy, modernized for scientific work, was completed. From his side, scientists from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) studied water and the bottom in the South Pacific near the Samoa Archipelago. The ship was equipped with an unmanned, remotely controlled underwater vehicle, which between 16 and 26 February dived to a depth of 4 km, examining local atolls and their inhabitants. High-resolution cameras allowed us to conduct a high-quality video survey, broadcast it on-board the Okeanos in real-time mode – and discover dozens of strange, rare, or even unprecedented, inhabitants of the depths …

The official YouTube channel of the expedition collected many hours of stunning records from depth, and we will show only a few of the most fantastic creatures – such as this “unidentified floating object” – a tiny luminous jellyfish Rhopalonematidae, shot at three kilometers deep …

… or the striped squid of the genus Chiroteuthis, seen hunting at a depth of about 1100 m …

Actinium Actinoscyphia, an underwater copy of the land Venus flytrap …

… a fish, a sea cock, armed with unusual outgrowths at the nostrils and wandering along the bottom on a pair of hilarious “legs”:

It is worth saying that this is not the first successful expedition of Okeanos Explorer, and the next clip represents the best finds of the past year:

It is recalled that the surface of Mars has been studied and mapped today better than the bottom of the terrestrial oceans – and the fantastic creatures found by Okeanos Explorer once again confirm how little we know about their habitats. Although they are only a few kilometers down.

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