Where are the pole of inaccessibility?

The term “pole” has several meanings, among which are specific – the pole of inaccessibility. This is the point which is most difficult to reach due to its remoteness from geographical features. There are Northern, southern, continental and the oceanic pole of inaccessibility, the ocean-the most remote − at a distance of 2 688 km from the nearest coast.

It is the loneliest place on Earth, called point Nemo, is located in the South Pacific at coordinates 48°52′ Yu. sh. and 123°23′ s. D. a reference point in the middle of the ocean was opened in the last decade of the last century, when satellite technology allowed us to accurately draw the coastline of the Islands and detect equidistant from all point. In this area planes do not fly, not sailing ships – are not transportation routes.

Northern pole of inaccessibility (84°03′ North latitude. 174°51′ s. D.) is located in the pack ice of the Arctic ocean at the greatest distance from any land. The distance to the geographic North pole is 661 km, to Cape barrow, Alaska is 1453 km and at an equal distance of 1094 km to the nearest Islands — Elsmere and Franz Joseph. The first expedition to pole of inaccessibility was made by the Soviet pilots in 1941. In 1986, explorers under the leadership of Dmitry Shparo reached on foot in conditions of polar night.

Southern pole of inaccessibility recorded in Antarctica. There is no consensus about the specific coordinates, because there are difficulties in defining the boundaries of the land and coast of the southern ocean, in particular, due to the movement of glaciers. It is often tied to a location (82°06′ s. sh. 54°58′ e) of the eponymous Soviet Antarctic station, founded in 1958 for a short period of time. On the roof of the station has installed a statue of Lenin, pointing his gaze in the direction of Moscow. The pole of inaccessibility and the building (now a historical protected area, sometimes covered with snow) is at a distance of 878 km from the South pole and at 3718 m above sea level.

Utilgjengelighetspolen / The Pole of Inaccessibility

Continental pole of inaccessibility (46°17′ North latitude. 86°40′ e) is located in the North of China and equidistant to 2645 miles from coastlines. The next localities are in the radial direction are at a distance of 10 – 50 km.

Geographical point – pole of inaccessibility − not carry any physical phenomenon and now likely to be of interest to help travelers and daredevils.

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