Which animal is the smartest?

Who is cleverer in the animal world? Scientists named the most intelligent representatives of the fauna – dolphins, monkeys, elephants, cats and dogs.

Each of the rating winners has special abilities in a certain field.
So, primates – gorillas, chimpanzees, gibbons and monkeys – perfectly understand speech and even are capable of reciprocal communication.

Dolphins do not lag behind monkeys. In the “lexicon” of marine mammals there are about 14 thousand signals with a certain value. And dolphins are excellent comrades who will never leave their fellows in trouble.

Smart gray giants are also capable of communication. And elephants communicate quite noisily – stamping on the ground with huge feet. Other animals learn about the approach of the elephant herd, feeling a vibration.

The mind of dogs does not come to doubt. True friends of a person can learn up to 200 teams.
Cats are also amenable to training, moreover – they are smarter and more cunning than dogs.

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