Dolphins saved a man who had been in the water for more than 10 hours

A very unusual case happened in Tralee Bay, Ireland. A man decided to swim more than 8 kilometers from the shore to the rocks, but it turned out that he was not prepared for such a feat.

In addition, he was not wearing a special wetsuit that could protect his body from the icy water. As a result, the young man swam only halfway, and then lost all his strength and just started to drift in the water.

At 11 a.m. the swimmer’s clothes were found on the shore. The man had been in the water for over three hours at that time. The rescue operation began much later.

Rescuers used not only special boats, but also helicopters to find the man.

After a while rescuers noticed a fairly large flock of dolphins. At first glance it looked like they were circling the seal, but in fact it turned out to be the swimmer they were looking for.

Even though the man was struggling to stay in the water and severely frozen, he was able to raise his arm to be spotted.

Rescuers said that the dolphins swam around, but did not show any aggression towards the young man. They believe that in this way the animals wanted to either protect him or force him to swim to a safer place.

With their help, rescuers were able to quickly find the swimmer, because otherwise things could have ended more sadly.

The man was quickly pulled out of the water and immediately sent to the hospital. No one understands how he managed to survive after 12 hours in freezing water.

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