There was a system collapse in Nigeria’s power grid

TCN (Public Relations) CEO Ndidi Mbah explained in a statement that the system collapse led to power outages observed in various parts of the country.

She noted, however, that the company is already making efforts to fully restore power.

“Transmission Company of Nigeria hereby declares that around 11:01 a.m. today, May 12, 2021, there was a complete system collapse in the grid, as a result of a voltage drop in some parts of the grid.

TCN proceeded to restore the network immediately after the collapse, from Shiroiro Generating Station to Katampe TP, Abuja, along the Shiro-Katampe line at 11:29 am, and through Delta Generating Station to Benin Transmission Substation and reached Osogbo and parts of Lagos,” the TCN spokeswoman stated.

She added: “While the restoration of the grid and the restoration of power supply is gradually spreading to other parts of the country, the cause of the voltage drop that caused the outage is also being investigated.”

Mbah urged consumers across the country to be patient with TCN as it seeks to ensure that the grid and power supply in the rest of the country is fully restored.

The nation’s electric grid suffered a systemic collapse a week after the federal government approved about $6.2 billion in contracts for six projects in the energy sector.

The decision was made at the 44th virtual meeting of the Federal Executive Council (FEC), chaired by President Muhammadu Buhari, which was held on Wednesday last week.

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