10 best technologies of the near future

The world economic forum Global Agenda Council conducted a survey of 800 professionals from the field of high technologies and built the list of forecasts the most striking changes in the industry that will occur by 2030.

2018 — 90% of people will get unlimited data storage

In the future people will not have to delete files to free up disk space. Now Google gives you the ability to store videos and photos in an unlimited number, but with compression. For 60 dollars (4 thousand rubles) a year on the Amazon servers can store any files in unlimited amount.

The main prerequisite to this change is a lower cost per Gigabyte in hard drives. In return for unlimited cloud storage companies will offer you to view ads or pay a subscription.

2021 — the first robotic pharmacist

Active robots replace humans in the manufacturing industry. Eventually machines will replace wait staff, sellers and other workers of this kind. So, the experts suggested that in 2021 will appear robotic pharmacist.

2022 the Internet will be connected to 1 trillion sensors

The cost of “smart” detectors and sensors is falling every day. Experts believe that soon all clothing will quit in the Internet. A small device connected to a single network system will completely examine the environment — temperature, atmospheric pressure, air pollution, and so on.

2022 will be the first car printed on a 3D printer

The 3D printing technology evolving, there are new devices and materials for printing, it’s not just plastic. Audi has already shown a concept car that is manufactured with additive processes — layer-by-layer overlay material. In 2022 we will see in the sale of the first such machine.

2023 — 10% of points will be connected to the Internet

Respondents believe that in 5 years the points will get new features. They will have access to the Internet applications of augmented and virtual reality. Will be an eye-tracking system hands, will not participate in the management interface.

2023 — 90% of people will receive a pocket supercomputer

People use smartphones more frequently than PCs. Mobile Internet traffic has surpassed the volume of computer and growth is not slowing down. By 2023, the performance of mobile devices will reach the level of modern supercomputers. And 90% of the population will access the Internet via smartphones.

2024 — the first liver transplant, made on a 3D printer

3D printers used to create parts of human bones and implants of organs. Doctors have performed operation on transplantation of the rib cage and other bones. By 2024, the same results for bioprinting will reach a level where the printers will be to create an artificial liver and other vital organs.

2025 — phone-implant will be available

80% of the surveyed experts predicted that within the next 7 years will be the first implantable cell phone. The device will be able to more accurately track indicators of human health. Simultaneously, users will be able to communicate with each other by voice or by thought.

2025 is the car rental services are more popular than private transport

67% of experts predicts the growing popularity of the services for car rental in the future. Already in 2025 the most part travel in the world will be in a rented car and private transport more expensive to operate. This will force the car manufacturers to reconsider their business model.

2026 — the first artificial intelligence will be included in the Board of Directors

AI allows you to automate many of the processes — analysis, information processing, Analytics. The program will even be able to make decisions based on previous experience of the company. It will also reduce the level of influence of emotions in solving important problems.

The results

There is a trend of mass penetration of the Internet in people’s lives. Clothes, household items, appliances, sensors — all connected to the global network. Accelerate the development of 3D printing technologies — 5% of goods sold will be produced by the additive process. Robots will replace not only staff but also senior staff and even Directors.

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