2021 saw the largest increase in carbon dioxide emissions ever recorded

The International Energy Agency reported that global energy-related carbon emissions rose by 6 percent last year. This was the largest increase in carbon dioxide emissions in history.

China’s carbon dioxide emissions account for 33% of the world’s total emissions

According to ScienceAlert, citing a statement from the International Energy Agency, CO2 emissions in 2021 increased by 2.2 billion tons.

Overall, as the Earth recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, carbon emissions rose to a record 36.3 billion tons, the highest level on record.

Which country generates the most carbon dioxide emissions?
Most of the emissions come from China, according to experts, whose economic growth and technological advances during the pandemic have led to the largest increase in electricity demand ever seen in the country — a jump of 10 percent, or about 700 TWh.

China’s carbon dioxide emissions have exceeded 11.9 billion metric tons, accounting for 33% of the world’s total emissions.

What does this mean for the planet?
“Without strong and immediate action by governments to tackle coal emissions – in a fair, affordable and safe way for those affected – we will have little, if any, chance of limiting global warming to 1.5°C,” the statement said. International Energy Agency

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