300 million-year-old doorknobs found in a lump of coal.

There are a number of artifacts found in different parts of the world that raise doubts about scientific ideas about human history.

Iron pots, zinc vases, even ancient chariot prints are just a few examples of artifacts found in coal seams that have been authenticated by scientific experts.

For example, an iron cauldron found in a large lump of coal has been dated back 300 million years using carbon analysis.

As time goes on and coal mining and other mining technologies evolve, we can expect to find even more mysterious artifacts.

Unfortunately, due to conflicting data on such artifacts, some may have been destroyed or discarded before their true nature was revealed.

Nevertheless, some interesting artifacts still exist and may provide evidence for the existence of advanced civilizations in human history.

Although modern society considers itself to be at the highest point of development, many of the advances we consider our own may have been achieved long before us, perhaps even 300 million years ago.

Copper doorknobs found in the coal seam have also been dated back 300 million years. These amazing artifacts still in this ancient layer are incredibly old.

Unfortunately, research on these artifacts has been limited and their current location is unknown. However, photographic records were taken before they disappeared.

These finds add to the body of research and artifacts that confirm the existence of lost civilizations and place human activity 300 million years ago in Earth’s history.

Who created these brass doorknobs?

Could we be a civilization that existed hundreds of millions of years ago?

It seems that we have compelling evidence pointing to this possibility.

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