300 million years old door handles found in a piece of coal

There are a number of artifacts found in different parts of the world that, contrary to modern scientific paradigms, ruin the whole picture of the “history of mankind”.

Iron pots, zinc vases, even the prints of ancient chariots – these are just a few artifacts that were found in numerous coal seams in the past – and found by people in important posts, which proves the authenticity of the finds.

As in the case of an iron boiler found in a large lump of coal, carbon dating showed that the pot is 300 million years old.

However, over time, when coal mining, along with many other mining activities, becomes faster and more advanced, it is just a matter of time before even more mysterious and inexplicable artifacts are found.

Unfortunately, due to the controversial nature of these artifacts, it is very likely that some of them were either thrown away or destroyed before they became widespread.

However, fortunately, the following interesting artifact, like many others, can be considered as evidence that there have been several advanced historical periods in the history of human civilization.

Although modern society is taught that we are at the peak of human achievement, many of these achievements, which we currently consider our own achievements, could have been achieved unimaginably long ago, far in the history of the Earth – 300 million years ago.

Dating back to the same age, a group of copper doorknobs was once abandoned and eventually ended up in a coal seam that was dated as 300 million years ago. Found still imprisoned in this ancient layer, these amazing artifacts are undoubtedly of incredible age.

Unfortunately, and this is quite predictable, not much has been done in relation to the main study of these artifacts, and their current location, if it really still exists, is unclear, but fortunately photographic evidence was taken before they disappeared.

Subsequently, this made it possible to add this finding to the volume of research and artifacts that not only support the claim of a lost civilization, but also put human activity on an impressive 300 million years ago in the history of the Earth.

Who made these brass doorknobs?

Can we really be a civilization that is hundreds of millions of years old?

We find evidence to suggest such a very convincing and seemingly unbelievable, but factual statement.

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