3800 years old bone spoons found in Mongolia

Spoons were used during the time of Ancient Egypt and the Shang Dynasty 4,000 years ago. Now it is established that the ancient Mongols also made spoons from bones, still 3800 years ago. The finds were discovered by a research team of the Department of Archeology.

As a result of excavations, the research team discovered a bone knife aged 7500 years from the Eg River basin in Khutag-Undur Sum, Bulgan Aymak, a pot aged 4500 years from the Bulgan river basin to the Suman Bulb, Khovdsky Aimak, a bone spoon 3800 years old from the Bulgan and EG, as well as other items.

Humanity has moved from the consumption of ready-made products of nature, such as fruits, berries, plants, mushrooms and raw meat in the Paleolithic era, to cooking and cooking in the Neolithic era, which is considered to be the reason for the rapid development of the human brain and body.

As a result, ancient people began to skillfully make the first items, such as knives, spoons and pots with bones, stones and clay, which ultimately led to the creation of weapons.

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