3D movies can now be viewed without glasses

Experts at mit have developed a 3D screen for cinemas without the need for glasses.

Perhaps some users had experience with 3D technology without glasses is one of the most accessible ways is a 3D Nintendo game. But even the latest generation of portable 3D devices with improved performance is designed for only one user, who essentially have to look at the display under a certain angle. It is not suitable for cinemas with hundreds of seats, each of which has its own angle.

Specialists of the laboratory of computer technology and artificial intelligence at MIT decided to create a display that allows people to see the 3D effect in cinemas from anywhere in the room — it does not require glasses. Together with scientists from the Israeli Institute of Sciences of Veismane they created a sample called “Cinema 3D”, which uses a complex system of lenses and mirrors to create a certain amount of parallax barriers, which take into account the angle depending on the location of the spectator chairs.

The researchers found that it is quite possible to apply in the cinemas because, unlike the home environment, there is well known, where are the fixed audience seats, and people generally do not move from their seats and thus almost do not change the angle during playback of the film.

Another advantage of Cinema 3D is that there is a high resolution, provide clear image for every viewer.

While the prototype is not ready for launch — he needs 50 sets of mirrors and lenses. But he demonstrated the possibility of practical implementation of the technology, and researchers hope to eventually be able to modify it to a commercially viable product. This will help to promote the rapid development of 3D content.

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