3D shoes for the penguin

A penguin with a sore left foot stood on his feet, getting printed on a 3D printer shoes, which with the help of engineers developed students.

The penguin, Perps of aquarium in Connecticut (USA) injured his left leg almost 5 years ago, having fought with another bird. Perps torn flexor tendon. The gap caused penguin pain and forced the bird to limp. In the interim, veterinarians aquarium made with his own hands shoes for Perps, which immobilizes but defended and supported her damaged leg. However, boot had to constantly change, so this year at the aquarium I decided to try to print a more durable prosthesis on a 3D printer.

Help came from an unexpected side — from the local high school. Students and staff of the aquarium and “EY-es-ti group” (partner of the company “3D systems”) have teamed up, developed and printed on a 3D printer new shoes for Perps.
The penguin walked around the room, feeling very comfortable. Perps went almost the same as should go the healthy penguin.

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