4500-year-old skeleton of a girl sick with scurvy, found in Germany

Archaeologists have studied the skeleton of a teenage girl during the stone age, found in Thuringia, one of the regions of Germany.

Skeleton girl was discovered last year. According to experts, its age is 4,500 years. The girl died at age 16 from pneumonia caused by tuberculosis, six months before giving birth to a child.

Also the analysis of her remains showed that she suffered from severe vitamin C deficiency, and her gums were affected with scurvy. Her height was 160 cm.

The girl was buried in the grave without a mound or tombstone. Insights on the recent birth was made on the basis of the characteristic injuries of the pelvic bones.

Age was impossible to determine the condition of the teeth and bones – the girl was clearly experienced a growth spurt. In addition, she had to deal with hunger is probably due to a poor harvest.

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