A 100-year-old woman told the secret of her longevity

Marie-Louise Wirth (Marie-Louise Wirth) works in a small bar in the town of Isberg in the north of France since she turned 14. Recently the long-liver was 100 years old, and she comes to work every morning at 8.15 to open her own institution for everyone.

A Frenchwoman has a very unusual diet. She refuses milk and fruit, but eats mayonnaise, salted, fried, fast food and consumes alcohol, but little by little.

“Never eat fruit and drink milk or yoghurts,” says the 100-year-old woman. “I’m washing down with simple water.” And sometimes a glass of something stronger, but in moderation. If I were a drunkard, I would not have been here any more. ”

However, experts do not advise blindly to follow such advice. Refusal of dairy products and fruits can adversely affect the body.

Mari-Lu, as it is called by the inhabitants of the town with a population of 10 thousand people, has no children, and she was never married. The bar, which she manages since 1954, was opened by her parents in 1932. Since then, the brick tavern with lace curtains has hardly been altered.

“Some are surprised that we do not have a coffee machine and a beer pump, and we do not accept payment by credit cards, but this has been going on for 50 years, and I see no reason to change anything,” the hostess told DailyMail. By the way, a tiny 20-meter bar does not even have a name, and there is no Internet in it, and the conservative Frenchwoman herself does not use mobile communication.

“If you have a good beer on sale, then you do not need a name,” the long-lover smiles, wiping the decorative art-deco-style worktop that has been installed in the bar since its opening.

About her venerable age, Ms. Wirth speaks with a smile: “I can not imagine why I had such a long life. This is known only to God, but he does not share his knowledge with me. ”

In addition to the fact that Marie-Lou is far from the standard standard of healthy eating, she also does not particularly favors sports: “I never liked walking, I prefer to go by car. But I really like to go to the dance. Sometimes I can dance until two in the morning, and then get up at seven in the morning and go to work. And do not feel tired. ”

Sadly Marie-Louise Wirth only that the regulars of the bar, with whom she was friends for many years, is getting smaller. But she herself does not intend to retire: “I am purposeful person. There is no point in living, doing nothing and not being interested in anything. “

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