A 3,700-year-old fortified settlement discovered in the Chelyabinsk region: a new look at the “Land of Cities”

In the Chelyabinsk region, archaeologists from Chelyabinsk State University (Chelyabinsk) have discovered a fortified settlement that dates back to the XXI-XVIII centuries B.C. This discovery was a major breakthrough in the study of the so-called “Land of Cities” and will allow a better understanding of the phenomenon of this culture.

“The Country of Cities” is the territory where settlements of the Bronze Age Sintashti culture were found. Studying this phenomenon, scientists are establishing how the early Indo-Europeans settled in the Urals and how the architecture changed. The discovery of the new settlement will help fill the gap between the southern and northern settlements of the “Land of Cities”.

Now archaeologists are surveying the area and conducting geophysical research to get an idea of the structure and architecture of the settlement. According to aerial photographs, the settlement has a rectangular or oval shape, unlike the round settlements of Arkaim and Sintashta. The dwelling hollows are arranged in rows, as in the Stepnoye settlement.

One of the main features of the new settlement is its multilayered nature. It is assumed that after its construction in the Arkaim time it was used by the population of later archaeological cultures. This opens new opportunities for studying the history and culture not only of the “Land of Cities”, but also of other ancient civilizations.

Chelyabinsk State University is a participant of the national project “Science and Universities” and develops more than 30 scientific schools. Cooperation with leading research centers, foundations and organizations in Russia and abroad allows to conduct all research and innovation activities at a high level. The University is also a representative office of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Arkaim and the “Country of Cities” are of great historical and cultural importance. Arkaim was discovered in 1987 by the archeological expedition of ChelSU during the survey of the valley of the Bolshaya Karaganka River. It was created by ancient Indo-Europeans in the Trans-Ural steppe 4 thousand years ago. The settlements of the “Land of Cities” of the Southern Urals are contemporaries of ancient civilizations such as the first dynasty of Babylon, the pharaohs of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt and the Cretan-Mycenaean culture of the Mediterranean.

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