A British man took pictures of an alien spaceship in Devon

A British UFO hunter is convinced of the existence of an alien civilization after taking pictures of an alien spaceship in Devon. The photos, which he considers indisputable evidence of other life, have aroused the interest of many people and spurred discussion of the UFO topic.

A flash of light caught the attention of John Muner, who then saw a metallic object in the clouds, which he believes to be a spaceship. The UFO hunter continued to observe and took several pictures with his Nikon camera.

So far, experts have not given their opinion on the photos taken by the Briton, but he himself has definitively believed in the existence of aliens. He is not the only one who believes in the existence of other life in the universe.

Interest in the topic of UFOs has been spurred by recent statements of NASA – representatives of the agency said that among the mass of evidence they provide them to the existence of alien intelligence is indeed a small percentage of pictures that can not be explained.

NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell expressed the opinion that aliens never wished harm to humans and were trying to keep the world from a nuclear apocalypse. He is also convinced that governments are hiding the facts about contact with aliens.

Historical evidence also shows that the topic of UFOs has been a hot topic for many years. In 1947, the “Roswell Affair” occurred in the United States when an alleged UFO crash was found in New Mexico. The U.S. government claimed it was a balloon, but many people still believe it was an alien spaceship.

There are also many scientific theories about the possibility of other life in the universe. Cosmologist Stephen Hawking has suggested that we should be prepared for contact with aliens who may be hostile to us. He also believes that we should look for other life in the universe in order to better understand our place in it.

Although many people believe in the existence of an alien civilization, many scientists remain skeptical of the topic. They point out that there is not enough evidence to draw conclusions about the existence of other life.

Nevertheless, interest in the topic of UFOs continues to grow, and many people continue to seek answers to questions about the possibility of other life in the universe.

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