A cave with ancient images found in the north of Sinai

In Egypt, archaeologists, when examining an ancient cave in the north of the Sinai Peninsula, discovered images of animals and the remains of round buildings that once made up, probably, a local settlement.

According to Ahram Online, the cave is located in the Wadi Al-Zulma area. Its walls inside are covered with scenes with images of animals. These are mainly camels, deer, donkeys, mules and mountain goats.

The engravings are made in an artistic style that has never been seen before at Sinai – they are relief. Moreover, the plots are significantly different from the cave paintings discovered in previous studies in the south of the Sinai Peninsula.

“This cave is the first of its kind discovered in the area,” says Aymen Ashmawi of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities.
According to the head of the research mission, Hisham Hussein, the drawings have yet to be dated and cataloged. Interestingly, about 200 meters southwest of the cave, archaeologists discovered the remains of round stone buildings.

Probably in ancient times there was a settlement. It is possible that the locals were the authors of the found rock carvings, which scientists have already called outstanding.

This is not the first important find made in recent days in Egypt. Recall, earlier, the archaeological mission of the Ministry of Antiquities during excavations in the city of Sakara discovered a necropolis with well-preserved sarcophagi. In this burial, sacred animals, including very rare ones, were buried next to people.

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