A cracked piece of metal repaired itself in an experiment that stunned scientists

In recent years, scientific research has reached a new level, leading to the discovery of phenomenal properties of materials. And one such discovery was made during an experiment that stunned scientists – a crack in metal “healed” on its own. This discovery could have huge implications for various industries, including aviation, construction and medicine.

The study was conducted by a team of scientists from the University of California, Houston. They used an alloy of nickel and titanium known as nitinol, which has unique shape memory properties. Nitinol is able to recover its shape after being deformed when heated. However, the scientists decided to test whether this material could heal on its own when cracked.

In an experiment, the scientists created a small crack in a sample of nitinol and exposed it to heat. Surprisingly, the crack began to heal and closed completely. This was due to a special self-healing mechanism that is activated at elevated temperatures.

Self-healing materials have great potential in various applications. For example, in the aviation industry, where material safety and reliability are crucial, the use of self-healing metals can significantly increase the durability and reliability of structures. In addition, such materials can be useful in medicine, where they can be used to create implants and prostheses.

Self-healing materials also have potential for use in construction. They can be used to create stronger and more durable structures, which is especially important in an area of seismic activity.

However, despite all the potential benefits, self-healing materials are still in the research and development stage. Scientists continue to study the mechanisms of self-healing and are working to improve these materials.

It is important to note that self-healing materials are not a panacea and cannot completely replace traditional materials. However, they represent a new perspective in the field of materials science and could have a significant impact on various industries.

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