A crystal is created that turns air into fuel

Scientists have developed a “spongy” crystal that can convert diluted air into fuel, extracting carbon dioxide. Technology turns carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide, which can be a useful source of energy.

There is a growing fear that the world will not be able to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, thus failing to achieve the goal outlined in the Paris agreement. Therefore, scientists around the world are looking for ways to free the atmosphere from surplus carbon. The new technology produces almost 100% pure carbon monoxide, without other gases such as hydrogen and methane. Previously, such results could not be achieved.

The nickel-organic photocatalyst used in the process has similar properties to organometallic structures, which are called miracle materials. Organometallic structures are a mixture of metal and carbon, capable of absorbing toxic gases, creating water from the driest air and retaining a new generation of hydrogen fuel.

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