A fascinating simulation of dusty space

Milky Way – it’s not just a star orbiting a black hole. It is also a huge accumulation of dust, the remains of the heavenly bodies, “floating” in the space between the systems, and interrupt sight astronomers.

Scientists have tried to vychislist as is the dust, and to create a model of our galaxy with its accounting. Looking to get in the end the video, you would think that demonstrates the world’s first 3D-game in which the user is forced to watch what is happening through the stained glasses, or a movie by Darren Aronofsky.

Created quite a large number of computer simulations, this serves a useful purpose. Dust impedes the passage of light in the blue spectrum and does not obstruct the passage of light in the red spectrum, which gives telescopes does not correct data. To make a correction, astrophysicists need to know the exact location of the dust, its shape, size and chemical composition. Simuljatsionnaja map will help them in this.

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