A former Navy pilot shared images and video of a UFO encounter

Ryan Graves, a well-known researcher who testified at a recent congressional hearing on the UFO phenomenon, has shared a compelling account of his personal UFO encounter. The incident reportedly occurred during a routine flight.

“I am the captain of an A320/321 (a major U.S. airline carrier), during one of my flights recently the below observation occurred. After I shared my story, several other pilots (of a major US air carrier) contacted me and shared their similar experiences.

In the last week of July 2023, I departed Santo Domingo at 2305 bound for New York JFK. My flight path followed L453 through airspace over the ocean, with no radar hundreds of miles from shore. About 1 hour into the flight, as we were approaching the southern boundary of NYC oceanic airspace and were at 32,000 feet, I visually detected movement that was too bright and appeared to be about 80 miles away…. and then visually disappeared. I never saw that traffic on TCAS.

Then a few minutes later I saw two round shaped objects, one glowing and one not, flying in formation directly over the horizon, at a distance of what I guessed to be 120-200 nautical miles. The object/s would light up, becoming bright as a star for a few seconds, then go dark for a few minutes, then light up again. The brightness varied from bright to very bright to dark. The color of the glowing object was white.

The photos clearly show a second object that followed the glowing object, but did not glow itself.

I have a new Samsung S23 phone with the best camera on the cell phone market, and I started taking video of this object. I have a great 7 minute video (see below) of it appearing and disappearing while I talk about it to other airliners on 123.45. You can hear this conversation on the video! Another airliner about 400 nautical miles ahead of us at 36,000 feet claimed to have seen the same thing.

In one of the photos I took, you can very clearly see the illuminated object and the unlit object as round metal objects.

In the above photo, you can see that in the long exposure photos, the stars are light clusters and the UFOs are streaks of light because they are moving! This is really amazing!

The UFOs seemed to be at or just above the horizon until we approached our destination, New York City. Just before we began our descent, the objects appeared much higher in the sky 80-90 degrees above the horizon and much farther away, actually outside the atmosphere.”

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