A Harvard professor has stated that when humanity meets aliens, they will become our gods

Recently, renowned physicist Avi Loeb of Harvard University made a prediction regarding humanity’s reaction to contact with extraterrestrial beings. Known for his enthusiasm for UFOs and his claim to have discovered an “alien probe” in the ocean, Loeb offers an interesting perspective on the possible consequences of such an encounter.

Loeb compares the aliens’ advanced scientific civilization to the concept of God, arguing that their technological development would be akin to divine miracles for humans. He draws an analogy between a prehistoric man suddenly transported to modern-day New York City and the impressive technological advances he would have witnessed. This viewpoint emphasizes the profound impact that encounters with highly evolved beings can have on our perception of reality.

In addition, Loeb suggests that aliens may possess the ability to create their own miniature “worlds.” By combining quantum mechanics and gravity, he suggests that these super-advanced civilizations can create universes in laboratories. Such unusual power reflects qualities attributed to God in religious texts, further reinforcing the idea that aliens may be viewed as godlike beings.

Although some skeptics reject the possibility of extraterrestrial life, Loeb urges people to keep an open mind. He believes that the discovery of an alien civilization can be a unifying factor for humanity, inspiring us to strive for betterment. Loeb emphasizes the opportunity to learn from these more evolved beings, believing that contact with them can lead humanity to a better future.

In addition to promoting open-mindedness, Loeb emphasizes the importance of sharing new knowledge with all of humanity. He compares Earth to a ship sailing through interstellar space, emphasizing our collective responsibility to advance scientific knowledge. By sharing information about our neighbors and the universe as a whole, we can contribute to scientific progress and a better understanding of our place in the cosmos.

Loeb’s recent discovery of strange orbs believed to be part of an alien probe has sparked controversy among his fellow scientists. Some have criticized his high-profile claims, saying they detract from legitimate scientific research. Astrophysicist Steve Desch argues that Loeb’s sensational claims overshadow important work being done in the field and undermine the reputation of the scientific community.

While Loeb may be criticized for his bold claims, his conclusions about the potential impact of contact with extraterrestrial beings are thought-provoking. As humanity continues to explore the mysteries of the universe, the question of whether we will one day encounter advanced civilizations remains a tantalizing prospect.

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