A hidden ally of climate change: the mysterious factor behind the record heatwave

In recent years, mounting evidence has suggested that climate change has more complex causes than we previously thought. One such mysterious factor that could amplify temperature records may be an unknown ally that few people still know about.

Researchers from different countries have discovered that a number of natural phenomena and processes occurring on Earth can be linked to anomalous temperature increases. One such factor is a change in ocean currents. Scientists note that shifts in the global ocean circulation can cause unusually high temperatures in some regions of the planet.

One of the best-known examples of this influence is El Niño, which can cause warming of the ocean surface and atmosphere in the tropical Pacific Ocean. This results in global climate change that affects weather in different parts of the world. However, there are other mechanisms that can affect the Earth’s temperature.

One such mechanism is the effect of volcanic eruptions. Scientific studies show that volcanic gas and ash emissions into the atmosphere can cause the climate to cool for a short period of time. However, some scientists suggest that prolonged exposure to volcanic emissions may cause the opposite effect – an increase in the greenhouse effect and a rise in temperature.

Another interesting factor that can affect climate change is solar activity. Some studies suggest a link between solar cycles and global warming. Scientists note that during periods of increased solar activity, there may be an increase in the greenhouse effect and an increase in the Earth’s temperature.

However, despite all these factors, the most significant and major source of climate change remains anthropogenic impact. Emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere caused by human activity are the main cause of global warming. Experts from around the world warn of the need to take urgent action to reduce emissions and combat climate change.

In conclusion, climate change is a complex process involving various factors, both known and hitherto unknown. Ocean currents, volcanic eruptions and solar activity can all contribute to the increase in the Earth’s temperature. However, the main cause of global warming remains anthropogenic impact. Only by working together and taking appropriate measures can we meet the challenges posed by climate change.

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