A huge moonfish weighing about two tons was caught in the Mediterranean Sea

Fishermen from a fishing vessel fishing for tuna in the Mediterranean Sea off the northern coast of Africa caught a giant moonfish weighing about two tons in a net.

The fish turned out to be a record large size even for this region, where fairly large individuals can often be found. The length of the caught moonfish reached 3.2 meters, and in width – 2.9 meters.

“We tried to put it on a scale designed for one ton, but it turned out to be too big and could break them. Judging by her obesity and based on comparisons with other caught fish, she must have weighed about two tons, ”said marine biologist Enrique Ostale, who was invited to inspect the unusual catch.

In addition, the expert noted that this individual may belong to the subspecies Mola alexandrini. The luna fish was brought to the shore alive, where it was briefly lifted out of the water to be examined and photographed, and then released back into the sea.

Moonfish is considered the heaviest representative of modern bony fish. You can meet them in tropical and temperate oceans.

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