A “light bulb” of augmented reality

If you are bored with boring lamps used in an apartment for lighting, they can always be replaced by something more technological. On Desktopography, for example. This projector lamp is suitable for a conventional cartridge and turns any surface into a holographic image that can be interacted with.

For example, Desktopography allows you to project a calculator or calendar on the table with a list of tasks that will respond to clicks. This way the user can change their location by touching one or more fingers.

If a cat comes to the table or the user decides to put a cup of tea on the virtual calendar, the system will use sensors to determine that the former vacant place is now occupied, and then independently move the projected calendar to another location.

In addition, projections can be “tied” to certain objects, then they will automatically be displayed on the usual things, even if you do a permutation.

The gadget consists of, in fact, a projector, a depth sensor and a computer that controls all processes. This development will expand the scope of application of augmented reality, while relieving the owner of the need to fill the cabinet or apartment with a large number of sensors and other sensors.

The prototype Desktopography looks promising, but before it appears (if any) on sale, it will take quite some time. The developers believe that they will be able to bring the gadget to mind in the next five years – just such a timeframe will be required to eliminate all the shortcomings, to clothe the computer and other pieces of hardware in a compact case and to correct the positioning errors that arise when interacting with the projected objects.

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