A man spent more than two hours sitting neck-deep in ice

Josef Köberl broke his own world record by spending an insane amount of time in ice cubes.

For most of us, the thought of spending at least a minute in an ice bath is enough to send shivers down our spine, but for Austrian Josef Keberl, burial in ice is common.

In an insane stunt, a small crowd gathered in the town square of Melk in Lower Austria when Keberl was helped into a large tank to break his previous world record of two hours.

Volunteers emptied sacks of ice cubes into the tank until Keberl was covered with ice up to his neck.

“I fight pain by visualizing and using positive emotions to mitigate this wave of pain,” he told reporters during the stunt. “So I can take it.”

As a result, he managed to hold out in a container with ice for 2 hours 30 minutes 57 seconds.

He now plans to break his own record again in Los Angeles next year.

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