A mobile clinic administered by AI

High technology is designed to make our life easier, better and safer. Do not stand aside and develop in the medical field. For example, Artefact Group recently demonstrated a rather interesting vision of medical technologies in the near future: a self-directed mobile clinic run by AI. It combines not only innovative sensors and sensors for diagnosing health, but also advanced technology, which is now the basis of self-governing cars.

The mobile clinic will be able to receive data on the health of the visitor from different sources. It can be various smart wearable electronics like bracelets, trackers, smart scales, first-aid kits and even smart toilets. All the necessary additional procedures can be carried out directly in the “mobile office”: thermography, breathing and heart rate study, lung examination and pressure measurement.

After diagnosing and analyzing the data, the system can give an opinion about the state of health, write to the right specialist for further examination, prescribe a prescription and even give out the necessary medications right on the spot. In addition, in case of serious health problems, the mobile clinic can connect the patient with the on-call doctor-consultant or take the patient to the nearest medical institution.

Of course, it may seem that the creation of such a mobile clinic is something of a fantasy field, but in fact, most of the necessary technologies in one form or another are already available. Much more worrisome is bureaucratic red tape, because in order to put into operation similar systems, you need to do a lot of work. From improving the road and transport situation and introducing amendments to the SDA concerning self-governing vehicles, to developing a regulatory framework that will regulate the powers of AI in matters of medical care for a person.

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