A mountain goat gored a grizzly bear in Canada, impaling a predator with sharp horns

In the wild forests of Canada, the mountain goat not only survived the attack of a female grizzly bear, but also killed her by impaling the predator with its horns.

The battle between a grizzly bear and a mountain goat took place in the Canadian forests. There were no eyewitnesses – only the autopsy of the predator showed that he died from stab wounds left by the horns of a goat

According to Live Science, on September 4, tourists found the body of a female grizzly bear weighing about 70 kilograms near the hiking trail.

Parks Canada performed an autopsy and found wounds that matched the size and shape of the horns of the mountain goats. The puncture wounds were located in the armpits and neck of the bear. Experts concluded that a mountain goat pierced the grizzly with its horns when a predator tried to attack it.

The autopsy also showed that the bear never had cubs. Her weight (70 kilograms) also differed from the weight of an adult, which can reach 360 kilograms.

Mountain goats are not helpless and can really fight off formidable predators. According to National Geographic, male mountain goats can weigh up to 136 kilograms, and their sharp horns can be up to 30 centimeters long.

In 2018, tourists filmed a video of a mountain goat protecting a cub from a grizzly bear in Yoho National Park in Canada. The bear tried to go down the rocky ledge, but after unsuccessful attempts he left, since the cliff on which the goats were sitting turned out to be too steep.

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