A mysterious satellite of the Earth

We all marvel at the beauty of the Moon, watching it from the windows of our homes or walking along the streets at night. But few people think about how such a huge planet, despite its slow rotation, does not fall to the Earth. And not only does it not fall, but it is also capable of causing tidal surges. These and other mysteries of the Moon have attracted the attention of scientists and researchers for many years.

One of the most interesting facts about the Moon is that it “hums” after impact. When the American Apollo 12 spacecraft threw the takeoff stage back to the Moon, seismometers left on the satellite detected the impact and then continued to record vibrations for 4 hours. This can be compared to the rumbling of a huge bell. Why does the Moon continue to “hum” so long after the impact? The answer lies in its internal structure.

Assuming that the Moon is at least half empty, its volume can easily hold all the water from the Earth. The volume of all the water on Earth is about 1,386,000,000,000 km3, while the volume of the Moon is 21,990,000,000,000 km3. Thus, the Moon could be a huge reservoir for water if it were completely empty.

But back to Earth. Every year we mine more and more precious minerals – gold, diamonds, rare earth elements. But how much of it is actually used? According to Google, only about 12% of the world’s population can afford luxury jewelry made of gold and diamonds. The other 88% are beggars who do not need these trinkets.

Personally, I can’t understand the value of gold and diamonds. They are not suitable for food, not useful in the household and not particularly beautiful. The amount of these materials on the planet is constantly increasing due to mining, but they still become more expensive. The population of the Earth is growing, but they don’t need these jewels. Why should we decorate ourselves with gold and diamonds if we cannot enjoy them?

But most importantly, humanity is destroying the planet. We act like locusts, leaving behind barren land and poisoned desert. We devour everything in our path without thinking about the consequences for the ecosystem. More and more people are living in the industrial zones of raw material colonies where precious minerals are produced. Thus, we can say that the whole planet is a raw material colony for a small group of rich people.

We need to think about the future of our planet and how to preserve it for future generations. We must learn to use resources more efficiently and give up the mad race for gold and diamonds. After all, as one scientist said: “We are not heirs of the earth, we are its tenants.

The day is not far when the masters will load all the extracted valuable “ageless” resources into the Moon, pump out water from the planet… and fly around the galaxy in search of a new victim. Because, as we know, without water in a liquid state, resource exploitation by homo-sapiens is practically impossible. So they’re carrying it around the system in a Planet Ripper-class ship we call the Moon. I don’t need to remind you how Mars looks like now – covered with metal oxides… but here’s the problem – pure metals of space origin practically do not oxidize.

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