A mysterious sculpture created thousands of years ago before the great pyramids were built.

The majestic pyramids of Egypt, a symbol of ancient civilization and grandeur, have always attracted the attention of researchers and archaeologists. However, there are artifacts that raise even more mysteries and questions. One of such mysterious objects is a mysterious sculpture created thousands of years ago, long before the pyramids appeared.

This artifact, 70 centimeters high and weighing 80 kilograms, is two figures of nude creatures in a sitting posture. They have unusually elongated skulls and limbs. Interestingly, the two figures sit opposite each other, facing each other. One is apparently a man and the other is a woman holding a child in her arms.

The sculpture was discovered in Egypt and brought to Canada in the 1940s by Greek immigrants from France, Vincent and Olga Dignacopoulos. They assembled a unique collection of antiquities collected from around the world. In 1999, the collection was donated to Concordia University, which began researching the enigmatic sculpture.

Scientists from Concordia University have been trying to unravel the origin and significance of this artifact for more than a decade. However, despite all efforts, the mystery remains unsolved. On the surface of the sculpture were found inscriptions in a language unknown to science, which have not yet been able to decipher. The language is so ancient that it is simply impossible to find similar texts or compare it with other languages. This raises even more questions about the origin and meaning of the sculpture.

One theory proposed by researchers links the sculpture to ancient religious rituals and mythology. They suggest that the sculpture may be related to the cult of the goddess of motherhood and fertility, which was common in ancient civilizations. However, this is only speculation and there is no concrete evidence to support this theory yet.

The history of mankind is full of riddles and mysteries, and each new find only increases our curiosity and desire to solve these mysteries. The mysterious sculpture found in Egypt is one such mystery. Its origin, meaning and significance still remain unknown. It continues to arouse the interest of researchers and archaeologists from all over the world.

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