A new rapid test will determine the blood group in 30 seconds

Do you know your blood type? If for some reason you do not know, we advise you to find out. After all, knowing this in an unforeseen case can save your life. The methods available today for establishing a blood group are far from perfect. All of them imply delivery of samples to the laboratory and take at least 20 minutes, which can be very critical under certain conditions. Chinese scientists have developed an express test that can determine the group of your blood in just 30 minutes even in the field.

Why do I need to know my blood type? Yes, at least in case of emergency need for transfusion. If a person has an accident, an accident happens with him – his blood group will have to be installed in order to save his life. In the case if there is no data on the victim, you will have to wait another 20 minutes, and this is provided that the laboratory is at hand.

Chinese researchers from the Third Military Medical University proposed an alternative: an express test in the form of a small piece of paper, divided into three conditional zones. A sample is placed in the center, a drop of patient’s blood. After about 30 seconds, one of cells A or B becomes green, suggesting that this is the blood group in humans. The second cell turns red. Results of the test are displayed in the most common system AB0, developed by Karl Landsteiner back in 1900.

The new express test has already been tested in the case. Through him passed 3550 samples of human blood and the number of correct answers is 99.9%, which is simply an excellent result. Chinese scientists say that the test for doctors can be introduced in the next 1-2 years. The test has already become interesting for many organizations, because in the field, and especially in those places where wars are being waged, it can really save many lives.

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