A new record of immersion into the abyss of Challenger has been set.

American researcher Victor Veskovo made a descent into the deepest depression of the World Ocean – the Challenger Deep, the abyss of Challenger, said Five Deeps spokesman Stephanie Fitzgerbert.

Veskovo set a record in single dives, dropping to a depth of 10,928 meters in the deepwater apparatus Limiting Factor.

During the period from April 28 to May 5, Veskovo made four dives into the abyss of Challenger, and on May 7 – one dive into the abyss of Sirena, located northeast of the Mariana Trench. During two dives, including a record depth, Veskovo piloted the Limiting Factor alone.

“This submersible, the carrier ship and the extremely talented members of the expedition brought the technology of ocean exploration to an unprecedented new level, allowing quick and repeated descents into the deepest, most inaccessible depths,” the researcher said after returning.

The previous descent into the abyss of Challenger was undertaken in 2012 by film director James Cameron, he reached a depth of 10908 meters.

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