A new super-frog can soon kill all people

A non-susceptible fungus can soon lead to an epidemic that will destroy plants, animals and humans, noted in a joint study of scientists from Imperial College London and English Exeter University in the scientific journal Science.

Scientists believe that the fungus can soon turn into a kind of antibiotic-resistant “super bacteria” and acquire immunity to antifungal drugs, which are often abused in medicine and agriculture, RIA Novosti reported. In particular, this is facilitated by the constant use of drugs for the treatment of fungal stomatitis, epidermophytic feet, dermatophytosis and onychomycosis.

Scientists note that the threat is underestimated and will soon make itself felt. Preparations destroy only weak cultures of fungi, and strong cultures survive and evolve, acquiring immunity to antifungal drugs. In this regard, scientists call for the development of tools that can resist this threat.

Researchers claim that fungal infections take more lives than breast cancer and malaria. In addition, the mortality from diseases caused by fungi is comparable to the mortality from tuberculosis and AIDS.

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