A robot centaur was developed to save people from under the rubble

Engineers from the Italian Institute of Technology developed a remotely controlled centaur robot called Centauro. The device has four legs, ending with wheels, two hands with manipulators.

The robot is able to easily lift a load of 6 kg and even break a thick plywood.

Developers plan to use a centaur robot for rescue operations.

The height of Centauro is 1.5 meters. The robot weighs 93 kg. The device can pass through narrow aisles and even climb stairs.

Centauro is equipped with cameras and lidar. The legs of the centaur robot have 6 degrees of freedom. Currently, the device is controlled remotely, however in the future the robot will receive greater autonomy.

The duration of continuous operation of Centauro without recharging is about 2.5 hours. The robot provides 1.6 KWh lithium-polymer batteries.

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