A statuette of an alien in a spacesuit has been discovered on the Mayan “Isle of the Dead”

The Mayan Island of the Dead, located near the Mexican state of Campeche, has always been a place of mystery and enigma. Here, in burial sites on Haina Island, archaeologists have discovered many ceramic figurines that date back to the pre-Columbian era. However, a recently found statuette of an alien in a spacesuit is of particular interest to experts.

Usually on the island of Haina find images of nobles, priests and dancers – representatives of those who once inhabited the island. But the statuette of an alien does not resemble any of the previously found figurines. This raises many questions: who is depicted on this figurine and what significance did it have for the Maya?

One hypothesis is that it is a depiction of an alien from outer space. The spacesuit on the statuette could be a defense against the Earth’s atmosphere or other potential threats to our planet. The Maya may have considered the aliens to be divine beings or artificially created gods who came to Earth to teach and help.

However, there is another point of view. Some researchers believe that the alien statuette may have had a ritual purpose. Perhaps it was used in religious ceremonies or was created to leave a memory of a visit to the island by a visitor from another planet. The Maya were known for their rituals and beliefs in supernatural powers, so this interpretation is not an exception.

The exact age of the alien statuette and other ceramic figurines on the Mayan Island of the Dead is unknown. However, they are believed to have been created between 600-1000 AD. This time was characterized by the development of Maya civilization and its culture, as well as active contacts with other peoples.

It is interesting to note that the statuette of an alien is not the only artifact indicating possible contact between the Maya and aliens from outer space. In different parts of Mexico and Central America, artifacts depicting strange creatures not resembling earthly animals or humans have been found. Some researchers believe that this may be evidence of the influence of space civilization on the Maya.

However, despite all the hypotheses and theories, the alien statuette remains a mystery. Its exact purpose and significance to Mayan culture require further research and analysis.

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