A strange natural formation on Earth created other forms of life.

An amazing natural formation called Devil’s Tower is the result of the activity of silicon life forms.

Sometimes nature creates such masterpieces that it’s hard to believe in their unknowing hands. Monolith Devils Tower – one of these structures. The lonely standing cliff with a height of 265 meters consists of six-sided columns. Its origin is usually explained by the volcanic activity of the Earth. But some scientists believe that this object is far from being so simple.

According to one hypothesis, Devil’s Tower is not just igneous rocks, but a so-called silicon tree. Experts believe that such structures are remnants of silicon life forms that lived on Earth before being replaced by carbon organisms.

As proof of this hypothesis, several arguments are cited at once. First, the hexagonal cross section of the pillars that form the Devils Tower is similar to the fibers that form flax stems. Secondly, the upper layer of the columns due to contact with moisture and wind constantly exfoliates. Scientists immediately drew an analogy between this layer and fascia – special shells that form protective sheaths for muscles.

Perhaps, once upon a time, huge silicon trees existed on Earth. From them there were only cyclopean stumps, like the Devils Tower. However, this wonderful hypothesis does not find much support in the scientific world.

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