A swarm of small drones is going to fly into one big

Developers from the University of Pennsylvania have created several modular drones, able to independently assemble in different shapes. They can do this right in flight, independently forming complex designs.

Demo video, laid out by the creators on the Internet, clearly shows this feature of the drones. First they hang in the air next to each other, and then begin to slowly approach, clinging to each other with the help of magnets located in the corners of the structure of each of them. In the video, the design of the four devices quietly lifts the glass into the air, clutching it between the frames.

The development is called ModQuad, and now it is in the early stages of development and testing. The creators are sure that their invention can save engineers from creating complex and expensive aircraft designed to perform certain tasks. Modularity can significantly expand the scope of drones, right in flight, allowing you to add a couple of new features to the device.

So, for example, from similar, but large drones, you can directly “on the fly” build a bridge, a cargo lift or a temporary supporting frame. Simultaneously, the drones will be able to deliver the goods necessary in a particular situation.

Roy dronov, created by developers from the University of Pennsylvania, is far from perfect, but in the future, – the developers are sure – similar flocks of aircraft will become commonplace.

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