A tribe of savages does not let anyone on their island

It seems that on Earth there are no places untouched by modern civilization, but this is not so. The mysterious tribe living on the North Sentinel island in the Indian Ocean, bravely continues to keep the defense from encroachments of outsiders.

Scientists believe that the ancestors of this tribe came to the island 60,000 years ago, but nothing else is known about this people, but because the tribe representatives do not want to communicate with representatives of another world.

They protect their island very zealously and have won the glory of the most bloodthirsty people, since they kill all those who dared step on their land. This fate befell several fishermen who wanted to fish near the coast of this island.

The authorities of India decided to protect the inhabitants of the island and introduced a ban on visiting him by anyone. The lost world in which the tribe lives is an island washed on all sides by the ocean and its length is only 3 kilometers. According to rough estimates, on the island live from 50 to 500 representatives of an unknown tribe of savages.

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