A way to read the thoughts of dead people is found

Israeli scientists discovered the genetic tags that are left in the brain by our memories. They believe that these markers can be used to extract memories from the brain – posthumously.

Researchers hope that this discovery can be very valuable for society. For example, the police will be able to read and reproduce the memories of the victim of the murder. In an interview with New Scientist, scientists call such prospects “an exciting proposition,” but they emphasize that this is still a matter of the future: right now the technology does not allow this.

“You will need to get there very quickly, as the proteins begin to degrade within a few minutes of death,” says Dr. Claire Warburton of the University of Bristol.

The brain stores memories in new connections between neurons. using new proteins that are controlled by genes. Different experiences create different changes in the activity of genes in the region of the hippocampus and the neocortex. While it was possible to confirm the presence of stable patterns in experiments on the brain of laboratory mice, but in the near future, researchers hope to apply the technique to living animals and, ultimately, to humans.

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