AI in 10 years will be able to replace a person

Artificial intelligence systems will be able to replace a person in 10-15 years, when there will be a replacement of the data processing operator for the robot, said Sergey Garbuk, deputy general director and head of the Information Studies Department of the Foundation for Advanced Studies (FPI).

“Solving the problems of creating applied artificial intelligence, we are talking primarily about the replacement of a human operator by the technical system, which provides processing of information using its natural abilities, formed in the course of evolution and continues to develop throughout human life.” Artificial intelligence systems can replace a person during 10-15 years, “- said Garbuk.

He noted that much depends on the nature of the tasks to be accomplished. In particular, even today intellectual systems can be created that are not inferior to man in solving specific applied problems. So, artificial intelligence has already caught up with a person in tasks of face recognition, colloquial speech, highlighting and recognition of objects on images with a complex background.

“At the same time, today the human brain has clear advantages over artificial intelligence.” Before the training, the human operator has the abilities that were formed, firstly, evolutionarily and inherited, and secondly, these abilities are also improved during his previous life This intellectual experience enables a person to learn faster, “Garbuk added.

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