AI learned to look at people under clothes

Thanks to advanced reality technologies and 3D cameras, which were widely used in flagship smartphones, AIs were able to track people’s movements – as if they had no clothes at all. A new system of computer vision, which is designed specifically for these purposes, may seem a little scary, but it has its own meaning.

Now, to create animated characters in games, movies or cartoons, the computer tracks the movements of actors in special costumes. Jeans, a dress, a backpack or a jacket – almost everything except a fully fit suit will interfere with the AI ​​to get an idea of ​​how your body works during certain movements.

The multifunctional DoubleFusion project gives the AI ​​a kind of X-ray vision that reveals the shape and position of the human body under their clothing, which works in real time, even during fast movements such as dancing. At the heart of the technology of depth determination and knowledge of human anatomy. An innovative method allows you to create a human skeleton in motion, and then “wrap” it with the skin at the required distance from the skeleton.

Thus, users with the help of technology will be able to easily create a complete digital copy of themselves. Hoodies, headphones, baggy clothes – nothing prevents the all-seeing eye DoubleFusion. The only drawback is that AI can not accurately determine the proportions of a person’s body if there is a lot of clothes on it (that is, to distinguish a complete man from a bad person, but dressed in several layers of clothing). In addition, he is still struggling with situations where people in the frame interact with other objects, perceiving from as a whole.

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