AIRBUS introduced a flying car

More precisely, it’s not even a car, but rather a transport module. Developers from the companies Airbus and Italdesign offered their vision of the transport infrastructure of the future, in which the usual cars will be replaced with universal capsules. And motorists do not like this future.

This is not just a prototype of a vehicle – it’s a whole transport concept. The project called Pop Up is a small autopilot capsule that can either fly or ride – depending on which platform it is installed on. You can, for example, get to a specific destination, in which the chassis with wheels separates from the capsule, and above to it docked kvadrocopter, and the further way Pop Up will continue already through the air. Moreover – even special trains are provided for this capsule to dock, and passengers, in fact, are in public transport without leaving the cabin.

The whole process is maximally automated, there is no independent management of speech. You just need to call the capsule with a special application and set the destination. The autopilot will itself lay the optimal route. The transition from ground-based to airborne is also automatic, if the route requires it.

Each replacement module has its own power unit and its source of energy. This, of course, goes exclusively about environmentally friendly technologies: all power plants operate on electricity. The capsule itself is a carbon-fiber monocoque with a length of 2.6 meters.

The Pop Up project raises the question about the very format of passenger mobility of the future: it is assumed that these capsules will be public, like a taxi. In other words, this is a new type of car-sharing, in which personal transport simply does not have a place. By itself, the driver for a trip to Pop Up is no longer needed – the system will do everything itself.

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